Sex on the Beach

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Whether you've ever in your life enjoy the evening sunset, sitting on the beach?

The sun, warming themselves all day long coast, completing his day's work, go beyond the horizon, sinking slowly into the sea water. Waves slowly with ease and grace washed sands "wild coast". Wild. Here people rarely appear. Nature here is still retains a virgin, are not damaged beauty, untouched by man.

But this primitive savage, not submissive to people the beauty is broken. It violates the appearance on the beach two young men. Men and women. Yes, men and women. Although even the very young.

The girl wearing a light summer dress, emphasizing the beauty and grace of her delicate female body. Her hair, obeying the breath of the wind, developing from side to side, adding a picture of the kind of elegance and elegance. Hands of two young people are connected to each other, indicating that the man and woman do not want for a moment to part with each other. One moment, and their lips are entwined in a kiss. Their tongues intertwined in contact with each other, bringing both enjoyment.

Clyde, was the name of our main character picks up a girl on his hands, still hot and passionate kiss, it carries on a sandy beach, is getting closer and closer to approaching the sea. And now, having overcome a certain distance, their bodies sink to the hot sands of the coast. Another second, and her dress is somewhere in the side, and a beautiful alluring for its beauty and tenderness of the body is covered with kisses. Every millimeter of the body as if waiting for his lips hot kisses will walk, leaving wet footprints. He thirst. But wait, when it will be filled with excitement and she asks him about it ...

Clyde, looking up from her sweet honey lips, begins to go down lower and lower. Pausing a few seconds at the neck, he unbuttoned her bra and abruptly falls to her hot alluring breasts. His tongue begins his play with her nipples, while massaging his hand and stroking her breasts. And so, looking up from a nipple, it goes to the next. Julie, our heroine, eyes closed, is given to prisoners of his sweet caresses and pleasure. Finished fondle her breasts, Clyde continues its journey over her body, covering his way hot kisses. By reducing the distance to the cherished goal, going down lower and lower, he holds his tongue from her belly button to continue. Finally he got to where he wanted! One moment and abruptly he picks his teeth with her last barrier that separates it from her flowing juice crotch. And it has nothing could restrain. Gentle silky fabric that once was her panties, now lies somewhere in the side. He crouches in her slit and began to play it with his lips and tongue, then painting a circle, then penetrates into the tongue, just kissing and licking her already wet pussy before. (Yes, our hero knows how to please his companion.)

After a few minutes of this game with the body of Julia, Clyde begins to suck her clit and penetrates one with his finger in her slit. That was the last straw. More she could not restrain himself. And inside it starts to overflow, and increase enjoyment wave, penetrating, like electrical impulses and bringing to seizures. In a fit of passion Julia shouts - "Come with me!"

Only this Clyde and waited. He lifted one motion, kissing his companion on the lips and begins to penetrate into it ...
Finally, their bodies joined. Now they have become a single entity. And Clyde begins to make a reciprocating motion to meet his beloved, each time penetrating deeper and deeper. They are interwoven and intertwined, pulled and connected to each other like a magnet. For they did not exist. Only they. Between them, the raging fire. The fire of passion burns all existing reality in its path. At one point, a spark of excitement broke out, and raised them with this warm sea coast up to heaven ... They are only two of us. Flying, lifted up on the wings of pleasure and bliss. No longer able to restrain himself Julie given a flame of fire, and it comes to the final point of bliss - orgasm. And at the same moment Clyde issues like animal roar and he throws it in his sperm. To the last drop…

They came together. They succumbed to the natural feelings, entered the picture of "wild coast" without breaking it, and adding. Two people - a boy and a girl, lie side by side, embracing each other. Man and nature become one ...

So they do not know how long it had lain. They were good together. And time is not important to them ...
And later, when they came back to reality, Clyde and Julia swim in the refreshing waters of the sea, and coming on the sandy beach together, arm in arm met the evening sunset. And if you've ever in your life enjoy the evening sunset, sitting on the beach, arm in arm with your loved one?

(P.S. All that is described in this story -. Real and actually happened names of the heroes of history were replaced by the author)

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