What's New? (Part 2)

Masha swept through the city in his convertible, ignoring the speed limit signs and gestures traffic police ministers. She had only one place where she'd tucked them this striped wand.

Once she had a good time with one inspector and real whipped his way with his own wand. She'd been so sure in my life, and its financial position was not as strong as it is today, so often had to pay for their mistakes the body. True to her, it was hard to call the board, so it was natural "seksomankoy" - so she called herself - she could not live without sex for a few hours (luckily she was lucky with her husband, who was not only a real sexual giant and ace "this" case, but turned a blind eye to some of the antics of his wife, as well, and it is).

"Ah, Gia! How am I with you luck, "- he flashed a pleasant thought in your head, Masha. Only one thought about her husband's body ran a sexual charge and the daily strip began to get wet. "If not for the seals, I would have had to carry in a purse with ten spare panties" - Masha thought and severing his right hand from the steering wheel, launched her panties. "And what if she and her husband are still experiencing a wild attraction to each other - and that after 5 years of marriage?"

Each of the meeting, if they previously were not together at least 15 minutes, whether it's coming from work or returning from the club, or even rarely go to the store, if the maid forgot to buy something, always ended the same way - wild sex. And it is not hateful married - a position once a week for all occasions - and the most natural, the most savage explosion of passion. "

Masha was familiar with every step in their house from the porch and attic finishing. Do not be neglected by any windowsill, desk or chair, we can not speak about the chairs and sofas. Bath, toilet, pantry, a floor in the hallway, everything familiar, and still, every time Giya invents something new.

"I still wonder how I managed to seduce him?" - The young rich and successful businessman, with whom she met at the negotiations, where she participated as a deputy head of a department is now her firm (well, almost her - still no -That a 20% stake, which keeps all current executive director, while it is the commercial director). To break out of her deputies have passed more than once or twice and substitute the front and back seat. The way she started a simple secretary, without the knowledge, education and even a mediocre body. But the hunger to move up the career ladder outshone all of these disadvantages. She dressed effectively and efficiently, to work it took virtually the streets - without advice and experience.

The head of the personnel department kept secret from all, why he agreed to take her on probation, the only reason he still has his job, less silent, or even just zabyvshiesya who is who, have long been dismissed. The device to work cost her 5 minutes of blowjob, and promise to go to the head of personnel at least once a week for something "more sweet." This promise she kept until his marriage, for which it is the head of personnel has prompted her department, where the chief was blunt, and very lazy bludliv (he held in the company, just because his father was one, and the co-founders). He took it as his secretary. But not for working with documents as well as the flow of documents in his department was so small that the coping and one main secretary (sensible woman, strict rules and customs, which is now her first deputy and personal attorney in all of its workers and not only issues ), and he took it to his secretary, "coffee-tea-B" grade.

She remembers his acquaintance with him, did not manage to enter the room and shut the door behind him as he gave a grin:

"On your knees and crawl under my desk."

He thought her surprise, but not a bit of it - she gracefully sank to her knees and, holding the ass, began with a promising and lascivious smile moved over to his desk. She's on the move got rid of blouses, which she had to do graceful somersault on the floor, which also showed that there is no panties on. Then get rid of the bra and skirt, so she was under the table only in stockings with elastic bands and high heels.

From what the chief even stopped breathing, such representation he obviously had never in my life seen. When she literally ripped off his trousers, then his dick was ready to fight. She even gave no sign that disappointed by its small size (not the amount of happiness, and in skill - the truth and the chief master also has not appeared), and whispered: "How beautiful it is ..." - from this view as Head wound that Mary had not yet fully absorb dick in his mouth, he discharged a considerable number of sperm, which she swallowed to the last drop.

"Poor thing, overworked due to a nervous work unless you can keep for a long time", - the head of Masha whispered, kissing and licking his cock. "Well, never mind, we now raise it, and he knows what true pleasure."

The head gleamed in the chair, and she carefully licked his cock and balls. But the effect of her actions was minimal. "No, I can not lose on the first day. Commercials me exactly the work to be seen, "- thought Masha and walked tongue anus chief. He first twitched, tightened, but when followed by a second stroke tongue, followed by the third and the fourth language began to penetrate into the rectum, head relaxed, and with a groan rolled his eyes. A few minutes of licking the anus and soften, then gentle penetration and prostate finger fumble. Head back stiffened, but it was too late - Masha managed to find the prostate before and began to knead it, still sucking exercise with a member. Member of gradually returning to the state of combat and when the boss was ready to be discharged for the second time, Mary gently pulled his finger, stood up, and scattered papers on the table, lay down on his chest, putting on display their gladkovybrituyu crotch.

"Oh, that's what you like me" - said with a grin languid chief. "I was there so no one caressed, now get me the same thing" - with these words he put a member of the anus to the car and pressed.

"Goosey," - Masha thought - "I was ready for anything, not for nothing that the pre-greased anus expansion gel. True overdone, who knew that the chief will be a fine. Well, not terrible - to work the muscles. "

Straining ass Masha created the effect hindered the penetration, from which came the chief even more fun. When finally a member penetrated into the entire depth, all the same gel made his case and no "pinching" it is not prevented, it served as a trigger, so that the chief had finished at the same time when his crotch for the first time came into contact with the coccyx Masha .

"You are accepted, you will receive a standard salary plus a bonus from me personally," - not yet fully recovered his breath, and literally collapsed into a chair, the chief wheezed. "Go to Angela Lvovna, let her tell you where that is, if need be, I'll call."

Angela L. adopted a new secretary as a temporary, but not a long-term burden (up to Masha in this position has already been more than a dozen girls, yet none of them more than 2 months is not delayed). The secretary explained everything kept and popular, for the most stupid. But after a few days, Masha when in between the trachea (fortunately they were few, the Chief rarely enough for more than 5 attacks on the day, and were no longer than 10 minutes, except that Mary applied some miracles of ingenuity) I offered to help her to understand the documentation. Angela L. looked at her like an idiot, but still trusted to deal with minor correspondence. Mary coped with this work in less than an hour. Later, she confided more complicated documents that finally allowed Masha understand what is actually involved in the department in which she works. By the end of the month she was herself not just assorted documents, but also on stickers comment to them or just the decisions that had to be for him to take it pleased the boss because now he did could in no way be engaged in the work, except that the signature set and clumsy handwriting "visa" to rewrite the stickers.
Parallel to this and developed "core" activities of Masha. In the first week the chief personally enjoyed it. They tried all kinds of poses and sex (as it turned out, the chief was susceptible to anal intercourse, often played not only active but also passive role, for which Mary brought to work a set of dildos from the personal collection). A week later, he bragged to his new secretary in front of her boyfriend - the deputy of the same department, and now they enjoyed it together. But when the end of the month, the chief wanted to attach a few of his friends Masha stood in a pose and popularly explained that if his back will start to gossip that his secretary whore, then about his opinion will be low, while it said that it each sleeps and sees unseat his trusting friend and take his place. This completely enough not only to stop any suggestions about group sex, but also the chief quarrel with his friend.

A 2 months Mary became deputy head of that was made possible after the dismissal of former friend. Of course, this was not done with a pure heart, and after Mary has threatened the head of his pictures with a dildo in the anus will become available throughout the company.

At the time of her appointment to the new post of a sexual relationship with the chief was discontinued, as he regretted not for a long time, and instead took Masha's new girl, and a month later it changed to a new one, and then again and again. Because now he's got a lot of free time, as in the department it nothing at all had to be done, all the responsibilities assumed Masha.

And then in the life of Masha appeared Gia. He struck her his temperament and originality, and she had her mind multiplied by sexuality. By the time the Machines Division started publishing a leading position in the company, and the view to the car began to listen (long 3 months she got rid of cliches former "litter-sekreturka") and invite it to all major meetings or external negotiations. A considerable role in its formation played the head of personnel, with whom she still meets once a week, do not forget about his promise. It was he who reported to her colleagues weaknesses, brought to its knowledge of certain secrets about the external activities of the company and that he gave it into the hands of the documents that allowed her to shine in front of Gia.

Gia was the owner of the group that was going to absorb the car company. And then she knew him as George Vahtangovich Paratsishvili - millionaire businessman with Georgian roots, a success career as a professional boxer and unproven links with the underworld. He brought with him a number of disappointing market forecasts and information about the car company that is clearly going with the "mole" more than one month. The administration was suppressed and prepare documents about complete surrender when the battle came Masha. She laid on the table a number of alternative projections, calculations and documents that it was able to obtain on the basis of timely tips Chief of Staff, and back them up several lucrative contracts with foreign investors that it could conclude its own. After recent talks with foreign investors - twin brothers from Norway - she went vraskaryachku week and could not normally get to with the vagina and anus not responded to pain. Encouraged by the authorities rejected the proposal Gia and Masha offered the post of chief of its department (most interestingly - a proposal it made the father of her immediate superior, as his son, he sent out of sight, manage some branch in the periphery).

Then Gia and the eye is not led. Milo smiled Masha and complained that Mary does not work on him.

A few days later Mary received his invitation to hold a friendly dinner, as it was then called - the evening former adversaries - he pays, as the lost the first battle. She agreed on the condition that they pay equally as respects his former opponent and will not tolerate gaps in its budget - at the time when their new salary and the percentage of successful contracts she could afford it, although any comparison with the earnings Gia it did not go.

It was this dinner was a turning point in their relationship, they talked until the restaurant closed, and after the closure has visited several bars until 3 o'clock in the night not Guia has delivered Masha home. Particularly noteworthy was the fact that Mary does not give Gia on the same evening, although she really wanted to, but she decided to play with it a bit.

Gia liked this game, so he woke her up at 7 am a huge bouquet of roses, and the proposal to prepare a refreshing breakfast, everything you need, he brought with him, pointing to a basket of exotic fruits.

Breakfast of course he had prepared, but this was already hours in 12 days, after they had a sexual marathon that started in the hallway, move to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but in view of the inappropriateness of wasting time on preparation, when in the same room are two overexcited individuals, who went into the bedroom.

Six months later they were married and that money Gia, she began to conquer his company, surviving former owners until only one remains and that with nothing insignificant percentage of shares.

"Fuuuh!" - Broke from Masha, because it managed to finish at the very moment when pulled up to the house of Alina (she managed to smash his car and asked to take her on the road). Thoughts about his career Masha wound up as much as about sex, so she was not surprised such a rapid orgasm, and simply wiped his fingers on his napkin, which have always been under her hand gently propped on the seat, he changed the gasket and the horn twice, caused girlfriend.

A few minutes from the entrance ran haired beauty in a short skirt and colorful blouse wide.

"Good! Sorry - friendships not spoil the hunt "- Masha thought and opened the front door for a friend car.

(to be continued)