First time

I was awakened by a strong groan. She lay motionless afraid to impersonate. Neighboring bed my neighbor creaked and rocked the room, Natasha was making loud moans. The day before asked not mind if I, if we spend the night with a guy I did not mind, and I would not dream of that they will be engaged in what is in front of me. I turned slightly and saw in the moonlight their figures. Natasha was on all fours, and Alex entered her from behind. I first saw the male member. He came out of Natasha, solid, big, how I wanted to be in her place! Natasha's face radiated so much fun. I felt moisture between her legs. Guys overturned, became about something whispered and giggled. Suddenly Natasha got up and walked over to my bed, stood behind her and Alex. Natasha quietly took off my blanket, exposing my naked body, I pretended to be asleep.

- Like? She asked Lesha.

- Good! He said he did not hide his desire to see me.

- Do you want it? Ozorlivo asked Natasha.

- Aha! He replied.

- See what sisechki, Natasha said, touching my chest.

- Let's give it suck? she suggested. Lena we really virgin, the guys have not seen. But she will not give up.

Lesha did not have to ask twice. A moment later, his cock was about my lips. He began to drive them on my face. I instinctively opened my eyes.

- Awoke? Cheerfully asked Natasha. See how! She exclaimed. Do you want to suck? Agree, is offering it says, laughing.

Carefully, I began to take cock in her mouth. He was hot and hard. It tastes salty.

- Deeper take it! Exclaimed Natasha, and hand podrachivat.

I tried, but Natasha vyhvvatila my dick hand.

- Look! She became a member of the swallow deftly, while making gesture.

- He's still in love with when he was just drochat laughing she said, quickly masturbating Lesha.

He was smiling.

- Would you like it fuck you? Natasha asked me.

- But I've never had a boyfriend. Timidly I answered.

- Who will be laughing relationship.

Alex took my legs, razdviul them and fell in between.

- And it does not hurt? I asked.

- Not really. Natasha assured. Then he have an experienced, not one already hymen tore.

Alex skillfully razdvivinul my labia and brought it to him a member. In sharp deft movement, he entered me. I felt pain, but Alex did not stop. He just stepped up the pace, going into my strong shocks. The pain passed in pleasure.

- Narrow what! Vskhripel Lesch

- Now I finish it!

- Davavy obkonchalsya it! Exclaimed Natasha.

Lesch wildly increased the tempo and became literally peck me. I screamed lunging moaned. Finally he grunted, took a cock and pour me a strong jet of hot cum. Natasha began to wipe it on me.

- Well, you became the woman she said, smiling.