It was at the cottage

My story took place when I was 16 years old. Then in the summer I came to the village where my cousin lived. Summer day already on the wane when I went to the outside shower. It consists of a small closed booth, on top of which stood a tank, when one day the water was heated, it was possible to wash. I must say that while I have not yet had sex, but I always masturbated. So on that day looked at the various magazines, I stroked my pussy and represented several men fuck me.
Going into the shower, he undressed and began to wash, under the jets touched his already swollen breasts, stroking pussy. And then there was that moment. The shower went brother. It smelled stale and I did not understand specifically whether he went or accidentally. However, he saw everything. What did I do. I must say that at the time he was 21 years old. He smiled and walked into the cabin. "What are you doing here" - he said. I did not know what to answer. He held out his hand and began to touch my breasts. All my erotic fantasies immediately awoke in me, and I was unable to resist. When he pulled out his cock, I did not hesitate, took his hand, he began dochit him. He leaned against the wall of the half closed his eyes and groaned. I wanted to take his penis into her mouth, to feel its taste. I knelt down, licked his head first, and then completely took it into his mouth. I was then inexperienced and poorly done blowjob, but he came after some time. ABOUT! As it was a pleasure when his sperm flows erupted in my mouth. It was so delicious and unusual, I swallowed all of it, smeared lips.
After that, my brother and I, for a long time did not communicate, perhaps shy with each other, but then our relationship restored. But that is another story.
For those who like it, and want to talk, write. I apologize in advance, but the boy did not answer. [email protected]