Appointment of two lovers

I could not hide the strength of his arousal and desire, my "pussy" betrayed me, she was treacherously wet, but we're kind of just started and I was not quite naked, but he was so good I felt that the touch of his hands on my body were is akin to playing guitar, he seemed to know where and how to press to squeeze out of my chest melody of passion where all the notes were mixed ....

It was a game, and I liked it.

Next to him, I turned into a lustful bitch with endless heat, and that waiting to crack quickly pulled on a solid as a rock cock and hollowed them for a long time, getting them as far as possible. During this wild sex akin to primitive I can not nothing else to think about except the enjoyment that I give in such moments, it is a pity that men have two members does not happen, because my ass, too, wanted to feel ... ..

- Can we have coffee with brandy, I suggested hoping that he would agree, and I have time a little cool and the sound is not so concerned about, I was so afraid that he will climb up your hand into my panties touches my "girls" and his hand there simply just drown in the moisture and which pours out of me, "I need to urgently take a shower," I thought "cool" that's for sure help me.

- Coffee? - It is good, but not now, later might be it and I will drink with you, my sweet. And now I want a little bit different ...

He put his arm around my waist and pressed my lips, burning them with his hot kiss.

- You're really sweet, so tasty, my girl ...

I felt the force of his excitement his body betrayed him, just think we are familiar with them from school everyone has their own family children, and attraction to each other we felt when we thirties. "Oh, God!" What I'm thinking? What nonsense. " At this very moment, I felt his hand on her back unbutton my bra, some a couple of seconds and I was in front of him in some trusikah.Pervy time in my life I have not experienced any discomfort remained naked in front of a man. As if reading my thoughts, he took me in his arms and carried her into the shower, not to mention a word to me and not letting me say anything, began to kiss me without giving me time to recover: lips, eyes, cheeks, earlobes, I did not even have time to respond to his kisses, as if he did not want to, I gave him his caresses. Kissing her neck, then chest, slightly biting my nipples, he sank lower and lower. I did not notice how he took off my panties, I completely disappeared into his feelings. Kneeling in front of me, he threw his arm over his shoulder my leg, buried his head between my thighs and began to tongue to polish my wet cunt, penetrating his tongue deeper, licking each stenochku my "pussy", and then, as if reading my thoughts, he put me in my hole his fingers, do not know what it is they do there but it was such a thrill that my body was just a cotton ... I'm so much excited that she could not hold back the moans that escaped from my chest.

- Tell me, sweetie, what do you want me

- I want you

- Tell me again and again these words I want to hear and know it

- I want you ......... if my "pearl" please write a continuation forward comments.